“Wolfs at Urban Lounge #2″
“Wolfs at Urban Lounge #2″ is made on the Alesis Digital Audio Tape machine at the Urban Lounge. I don’t think it features the people in this picture, but oh well. Look up Wolfs at 8ctopusrecords.com  . This has nothing to do with REST 30 RECORDS but It’s a cool recording I had to respectfully put it up. Please call with any complaints if your Eli.

And to see Eli Morrison, visit his discography at discogs. He’s the one responsible for this amazing group and many others.

Download “Wolfs at Urban Lounge #1″
I Want More
Lights Out
Mine in Time
Tight Wire
White Pills
Wolfs Theme

“Wolfs at Urban Lounge #1″
“Wolfs at Urban Lounge #1″ was recorded on adat during a show celebrating Jeremy Smith’s birthday. Real dirty show! Don’t listen to this if you’re a kid.

Download “Wolfs at Urban Lounge #2″
Come for Brains
Dog Girl
Lights Out
Ride’em Cowgirl
White Pills

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