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This is a direct link to the zip file containing the game:
Right click on it and save file as, unzip it on your computer, open the folder and double click the application file “JPO in SLC 6th Draft” and hope to all that’s magical and holy that it starts up. PC only. PC requirements: who knows! It works great on my laptop. Make sure your computer is up to date. I bet if you use Steam gaming service on your computer, you’ll have everything on board. Just make sure the game runs nice and fast, by maybe restarting your computer or something. It was made using the program “Shoot ‘Em Up Kit” made by Tall Studios. They are amazing for making this amazing program that lets a layman make a game!

It’s made in the Fine Art genre of “SHMUP”, which means free moving, 2D, gravity-less/inertia-less movement on the X and Y planes, moving background, flying against the opposing force, staying alive for distance or high score, on a likely suicide mission.
This one documents the struggles of Joshua Payne (the polar bear) as he led his nine-piece orchestra in Salt Lake City, playing pop-up shows at midnight every Friday night in the summers.

The game features recorded music of the Joshua Payne Orchestra.
The game was made using 100% google art, so I don’t own any images, so game is for free only, not for commercial gain. Actually, just to document the Joshua Payne Orchestra and share the amazing work of John and Karen at Tall Studios. If you see your art in this game, please don’t be cross, it just means I found your amazing art on google search. Thank you very much!! Anyone who has searched “animated gif” would recognize a lot of the game content.

Here’s some screenshots of the game– these are from an earlier version of the game, actually:

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