Old Sites

these are links to past REST 30 RECORDS web pages that still exist on this server. I don’t know if the links work or ANYTHING, but check them out if you’d like to see some f’d up web design.

Last site all on one giant page that scrolls every direction.

Last site constructed from an explosion of flash animation.

Last site Who knows what this is all about.

Last site whoah this one just blew my mind. This must have been the last one I made right before I gave up on flash. And it’s too bad life can’t be a video game.

19 State of Deseret this is Kyrbir’s record label and his internet presence aside from here.

Purr Bats this is Kyrbir’s purrbats page. Awesome web design Kyrbir! I can see you’ve been working on it. HERE is the site I worked on, which will look worse than Kyrbir’s unless you have a full-flegged flash capable computer.

Red Bennies Since I own the domain name Redbennies.net, I’ve got this disaster running.

Vour a secret page about Vour

Check it to see one of my favorite spaceships.

Keep it coming for a tiger in a boat



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