Rock’n'Roll Academy

“RNR 001″
“RNR 001″ is the first CD release from the Rock’n'Roll Academy in North Salt Lake. It features the work of the bands Class Act, Depraved Indiference, and Thunderwear. There were some cool cover songs on the CD, but I’ve mostly left them out here. The next CD will be all original music. Yay! The Rock’n'Roll Academy is a contemporary music art school with a focus on personal expression through original music. To sign up or learn more, click this link ROCK’n'ROLL ACADEMY

Download “RNR 001″
Class Act:
Omit-o-Matic (Purr Bats)
Rare Highs
Rich Man’s War
Throw Away the Key
Tiger Claw
Depraved Indifference:
Stab Stab
The Baroness (Wolfs)

Bonus: Lukewarm Marble Play by Dagny Horton

“RNRA Live on KRCL”
Circus Brown was kind enough to have us on the “Not a Sideshow” program on KRCL radio 90.9. Thunderwear is featured here with their first two kits. Also the hit Class Act song, “You Sunk My Battleship” and Purple Ambitions first attempt at “Loose it All”. Links Circus Brown Not a Sideshow

Download “RNRA Live on KRCL”
The Creature’s Stopwatch(Thunderwear)
Loose it All (Purple Ambitions)
Rare Highs (Class Act)
Rich Man’s War (Class Act)
Story Time (Class Act)
TGH (Thunderwear)
You Sunk My Battleship(Class Act)

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