Exumbrella Records EXUM006 ass. Rest 30 Records
Recorded April 2005 @Moroccan
Engineered by Jeremy Smith
Mixed/mastered by David Payneful
Guitar, vocals David Payneful, Guitar, 2nd voice Scott Selfridge, Bass 2nd voice Paul Butterfield, Organ, Electric Piano Terrence Warburton, Drums Dan Thomas
Trivia: Paul left the group just prior to the release of this album. Scott began playing bass. Originaly reproduced with an alternate cover image. Versions of "I'll Bend You" and "The Sun's Going Down" both appeared previously on the album "Adult Sophisticates". "I'm Coming Home" contains a clever video game pun. "Rocks in Your Mouth" is the oldest song on the album, pre-dating "Adult Sophisticates"

Lyrics and music
One at a time, we took them on
And every time they they all won it got written down
But these days I don't follow close to the back
And all the jacks and marbles on the floor don't touch the soles of my feet
But these bare feet, they turn on a dime in a fix
Do you believe it? It's plenty fine to ignore what you're pulling on
So head held high, walk through the glass with a smack
Did I hear you right? What you asked?
Look at my toe, it's got a jack print on
You know what I meant and I thought you'd never stab me in the back
Since the last time you appologised
Take the shit and open it for the truth
Something I forgot along the way?
Baby could I be the one who's wrong?
And I said what I wanted, just like every time
'Made the rocks that I fell on get in my mouth
How long can it take just to find out that things are never going to change?
I do it almost every time- I've got a reflex to punish you
Like the crack on the back of a naked smile
'Got cut up on you
Can I ever have a little faith in the heart of my lover?
Because I've been going around and around you for ever
What did you say?

I'm coming home to make a scene and see you one the phone
Playing back the message I left last night from afar
Don't you know there's no reason to?
Don't if feel good to know you've got one who's never going to leave you?
I am the one who you need, who you dote on
Patchy knees on the floor
Laugh and cry for me, crawling after me always
Don't you pretend that your life would never be empty
If I never came back, your heart and soul would vanish right with me
I have never been alone, I put it where I want, on and on and on
But now so cooped up, the car is a cage
Breathing life into you, burning so close, I'm coming home
It won't do to send a post begging you please
Turn out the lights, turn on the sirens when you vanish from my sight
It's pulling away
And you won't make it quit, just ten more seconds

Leaves are falling, it's no surprise since my eyes have been red since the spring
It's so hard to get over this thing
When the fires are burning who do you start calling
Winter's coming, you're going to be all alone with nowhere to go
Did yourself a hole tonight, maybe never come out again
'Someone to tell you what to do? Baby, I'll say it all again
You're pulling on me
You twist me, and I know what I want
I'm going to get what I want
I care so much about you, further and further each and every day
Put it in a hole tonight; tell you what's going to make it right
Pick it up and hold it tight- Baby you won't let me down tonight
Can you see it?
So long never touching you
Alright, you knew just what to do
'Should have stuck to policy, but you promised it to me
And I know what I want
I'll bend you

Pick all your clothes up off the floor
And put your heart down right there where they were
You spent so much time believing, just to find out your woman is just a girl
I knew all the time that I was wrong
And I knew I was lying all along
But you never ever knew what I was going to do
You never did that to me and I worshipped you
So back out slowly and close the door
She makes me do the right thing, holds on to everything
It's so hard to know that there is anything that could slip through
Don't let it hurt you
Because you know it's the one thing that keeps the gates here closed
And I won't give up the guilt I've got for anything so thanks alot
Try and take it!

I'm walking out on bloodied legs
So hurt I can't feel it and my ears are dead so don't try
I paid no heed to so many cuts
You're the first thing on my mind
That's the last thing that I said
Walk fearlesly in, to walk fearlesly out
Knock a glass right out of your hand and throw my weight about
Should have known it would hurt but what I've tried deosn't work
Oh, to be brave to your face and shake it off
Like the tear thrown from your cheek, my heart does the same when you speak
I'll of the things I've done to you
Over and done, you shook it off
I never saw the blanket spreading out
In mid-air turning around
And the cold ring on the ground
You shook it off
I waited there for sure
'You out of your mind, driving around
The clock has your face again
So I turn it off
To young to grieve, we were so naive
With a run-away everything
We shook it off
I never paid through the nose, I never cared where it goes
A bloody stream sprung anew, can't you keep it in?
Life froze, nowhere to go
Come back because I told you so with a mouthfull of dirt
I can't spit it out
Know there's a bridge with our name on it in a stack in the back
Dark blue with skulls on top
I can't shake them off
No one knows what I see in you
But I've never seen it before, I've never seen you beg for more
An unquencheable lust, I know, but don't question the trust I've shown
To follow you and never look back
All the fires of hell can beckon me but I can't follow you back
Though angels be defending you, I won't hesitate to run you through
I'll lay naked in showers of sparks
Into the depths and on to the other side of you

It's about time to turn out the light
Put yourself under the blanket
You've got a lot to do early
You can't earn the wage that you bought with your age
You can't just take that time back
And you can't just turn the page
When I was seventeen, I had a mind just like a fresh roll
Used it up one wipe at a time
So just decided to never ever shit
Break it up now, take it up now, shake it up now
Show that you care
Show that you can make it happen
The walking dead, the get out of bed
And there's nothing you can do
And a nap won't work and the sun's going down


Did you ever see?
Did you ever steal 'back of the screen?
There's hands- there must be something
Because it goes deep- right through the heap
Stacked on top, high and rotten
But hold your head up
A draft blows out, I can see it now
I told you not to do it, but I was already in it
Sing it again just for the sake of that empty space
You're standing right on top
You've got to dig it up
The roots caress it so you get undressed and stick out your chest again
A draft blows out- You're free to carry it now- and how!
It's the end, your lover said
But judgement day will never come while you've got this
Cast off that lover- Time to get another
And sing it again about how you never had a choice
The draft blows out, I can see just how
This hot breath right on you face is going to save you now
And you're free to show me how you found it so hidden
And you lit it

Knife in the pocket, pour bleach on the jacket
With Varnet's on
Twenty-five years to go
We walked through the fields with our guns
We walked right into the nieghbor's shed
We left every bottle broken without a second thought in the end
Take a chance on love
How dare you, you're not smart enough
You need a little more cushion behind you
How many times can you break it before giving up?
Never come clean
With your butterfly knife in the pocket
'Left it under the snow all winter- Don't dare to touch it now
I walk around if I can- It's over
And I'd just like to open it so much
I was so ashamed- Well, it's still the same
My sister is staying out of town
Working and sleeping on the ground
Living on syrup and sugar
What she's loosing is going to find her, crawling towards her, looking for her
She'll find it when she gets older
I was so ashamed, but it's still the same
When I looked all around and around, I read my name
Written on the black list, and the back of my fist, and the back of my lids
It's still the same
You stop, pick it the hell up
'Never got old so you can't get enough of it
Throw it way again and again
Use your paws, you young kitten
Dirty yourself and never come clean
Prove it- That you're not smart enough to see it
No one will believe you already know it-
How to stay young when your eyes won't show it
Put your hand in your pocket, 'show me what you've got there now


Rest 30 Records SOUL004
Recorded 2002-2004
Engineered by David Payneful tracks 4,7,9 at the Moroccan, Scott Selfridge tracks 1,3,6,8 at the Urban Lounge, Ned Clayton tracks 2,5 live on KRCL radio
Mixed/mastered by David Payneful
Guitar, vocal David Payneful, Bass, 2nd voice Paul Butterfield, Organ, electric piano Terrence Warburton, Guitar, 2nd voice Scott Selfridge tracks 2,4,5,7,9, Guitar, Gentry Densley tracks 1,3,6,8, Drums Michael Sartain tracks 1,3,6,8, Drums Dan Thomas tracks 4,7,9, Drums Josh Knight tracks 2,5
Trivia: After playing years with Eli Morrison and Nate Pysher on guitar and drums (during which time the album "Announcing" was produced), Red Bennies had many lineup changes and no full length albums to show. This album is a remastered compilation of the best from the two limited run EP's "Yes It's Lo-Fi 2 'With A Hug'", and "Watch Your Language", as well as a few rehearsal recordings. All song were played and recorded live.

Lyrics and music

Hold my arms so tight and my eyes so fixed
I can't shake it off, it sticks to me
So grey, all the way, spread out for as far as I can see
When my ambition's in my fist I say...
Another winter in Salt Lake City gave me a sore throat
When I get so desperate for...
The girls say, "Keep going!", I've got to pay oh man I've got to feel it
They say to keep young keep crying
I've never shed a tear till this evening
When it gets so beautiful I wrap around, hold on tight
Lock my arms, lock my legs and keep breathing
Just to stay on top I keep walking slow
Just to calm down, make everything into pixels
How could I get any smaller?
My friends say, when I'm drunk I can hold it still for a minute
It keeps coming down to this, it keeps coming around and around
I won't go back down
You 'gonna plug me
Down town, I'm 'gonna glow bright red for another hour
You still believe it's the truth?
When I saw what I saw for the first time it took away my breath
Now you know what I meant to be
And you still take a piece of me when I break
Down Town, live the worst parts over again
And you'll hold what you catch and you'll love it till the day you die

Break the window pane
Dip a shard in the gas
Hold it tight in your hand
If you thing you've had the last chance to cut someone and make it hurt
Don't you know that's not how it works?
'Gonna go on and on and on  to cut yourself up on another one
Say the right thing this time
All your long term plans
Tangled up on the ground
Still tied to your hands
Swing it all 'round and 'round the knife
'Never felt nothing till sunday night
Don't know just how to make it right
'Gonna eat shit until your done taking a chance on another one
Say the right thing this time
You put it in and you pull it out
Cut yourself on another one
Taking a chance on another one

This time it might be safe to remember it a different way
Now to find out how you stand on me
Because I know how you stand on yourself
Because you never know how the clots and the black knots
Are going to hurt you till the years go by
Hey! Is this how you did it?
Is this what you held back
We've been over this now infinite times
Hoping and praying it will never come back
Don't you know that when you lay on me you lay right on yourself
Still the water rises- No surprises
And Still the water flows out onto the floor
Eyes wide open and standing up straight
You walked right over and you opened up the drapes
It's the best thing you ever did- The sun came right in
Now you've got to hold it closed and wrap it up with a black knot
Black knots wrapped around and around
In flowers and braids like they're raised by the sound
Of the room bleaching white as the sun came right in
I'll never stop blinking now
The sun came right in

(see album "Shake It Off")

(see album "Shake It Off")

I came home last night same as always, so drunk
With some hugs and some kisses, her lips don't make no misses
This is how it always starts out
for the only good five minutes
She said, "What did you say!"
I got an arm full of scratches, I saw the bruises on your leg
I had to tell my friends in the morning how I pushed you down in self defense
At the club I was fighting- Had to tell your friends all to back off
I want to take it ouside again- 'Got more alcohol left to work off
This is what I was on the edge of every time I looked over
Don't think I'll ever come back now and I won't let you go
Every week we go fighting and every night I say "Fuck you!"
And after all of the biting, I think I'm the one who deserves you
Hold on tight
You push me over, I'll knock you down
Over and over with a kiss honey

I wanna climb in the trash to the sweet sound of a talented someone digging where the cash is
When all that you've got is the credit that you gave yourself with your very last drop of faith, it makes you start to hate
The one's who did it all with a dick in their mouth and never come
I paid out a grand with hopes that maybe someday someone else would pay it
Ended up feeling ripped off and left out
Because not in the past, and not in the future, will I ever stop feeling like I'm gonna loose her if I don't do it all with my dick in your mouth
Here I come
Listen to the sound, it won't come back around
You can take it or you can leave it- The curtain's coming down
Come while you go down
If you do it all with a dick in your mouth, it's enough

I don't want to wait until I have to annihilate you
You've got me on the ground looking up at you
You step a little closer every time you do
It's been five years I'm going down again
Bury it till I can't hear the sound again
With mad fervor be done!
I'm gonna be the last one standing in the middle of everything flat all around again
Gonna tie myself up- Gonna tie my friends up
Dip us in hot wax and ignite the tops of us
You said I was too cool- Not good enough for you
How dare you say that to my face?
It's been a long time and I'm scratching again
Pay attention while I turn myself inside out for the batch of you
Look at all the jewels in there!  They're falling out everywhere!
Did you know it took that long to make them?
Don't you put me down- I'll put you back inside and I'll spin it
Don't you ever say that to me again
One Two Three and I'll annihilate you
This is how I masterbate you
You won't ever put it down- You must have been a cutter
One Two Three I'm sorry I am it
Just one more reason to hate you now
You won't see what put's you down until this happens to you
It's too late and you won't know

I let a bad thing slip out, I said it all wrong
Is that the way you do it when the chips are down?
I just wanted to have all the things that I want
'Flew right down the street with you tied right to the front
Did you leave the gas on? Did you lock the doors?
Did you find the right door? Did you go right in?
Did you see what they're doing in there?
It goes right in
'Leaves a spring in your step, 'leaves a wet rag on your eyes
'Turns me right off like a nerve, 'turns me right on like a switch
Now I see in to the past and I see into the future
Did you ever know? Cound you ever be right there in the way,
Looking right past me
Like nobody knows what pop music shows you
Dripping down, soaking you, you're dirty now
Don't you be ashamed, your friends all do it
Don't you worry none, there aint nothin' to it
Go one two three, you know it's what you want
Making it out the back, making it right out the front
Now let your pants slip down to your feet
Now let you shirt slip from your shoulders
Now let you head slip down to the bed
Beauty's only skin deep, we got such thick skin
Like nobody knows what pop music shows you
Dripping down, soaking you, soiling you, dilute you and spoiling you
Just like I'd like to do, your dirty

Recorded 9/10/2003
Engineered by Vadim at the Groove Room
Mixed/Mastered by David Paynful with help from Jeremy Smith and Terrence DH
Guitar, vocals David Payneful, Guitar Scott Selfridge, Bass, 2nd voice Paul Butterfield, Organ, electric piano Terrence Warburton, Drums Josh Knight
Trivia: 7" vinyl single 33 1/3rpm on cool see-through red vinyl reproduced by Ryan Workman and Pseudorecordings, who also released some other vinyl for Wolfs, Cosm, Erosion. The recordings are excerpts from a session done on a spare night while Red Bennies were on a weekend trip to play in the SF bay area. Vadim was a close friend to Scott, who was from there before moving to Salt Lake City and playing with Red Bennies.
Lyrics and music

I'm going down again and it's getting old, I know
Look over the yellow eyes- That's me in the back saying told you so
I'm going down again, just like I did before
I can see what you're looking at- I'm looking right past you to the door
You husk of an angel sent down to make these people come
Look over the yellow eyes- That's me in the back saying give me some
I've seen you go so low to do it, and I've seen you rise so high
You do what you've got to do to show how you've lived and how you died
I caught you saying 'up and atcha'- Singing the same old song
But the fires all but out now, and it's been so for so long
Take another night in the cold with a scarf wrapped tight around
Stand there for two and a half more hours- Baby can you still hear the sound?
I'm going down again like I do every time
When your teeth hurt afterwards, that's me in the back saying you're mine
Say it loud again, about how they made you do it
'Suffer from a childhood fantasy, so you worked your fingers to the bone
Walk right in, tear yourself down, walk right out
Put the feet on down on the backs now
Count it up and add up the tax now
It's the fake to make or break the shit
Feed it another time

(see album "Adult Sophisticates")

Upcoming album scheduled 2007
Guitar, vocal David Payneful, Bass, 2nd voice Scott Selfridge, Electric piano Terrence Warburton, Drums Dan Thomas
Recorded at Westgate Business Center
Engineered/mixed by Scott Selfridge
Mastered by David Payneful
Trivia: This album is unreleased, and presented here as rehearsal recordings only as a sneek preview. Enjoy Red Bennies at their most natural for a bit.

Lyrics and music

Let me help you out, the doorís just hanging, swinging to and fro
The sunís coming up. Itís now time to go
I want you, ainít that what I just said?
I canít remember, the sun bleached last night
Spent last night climbing from the stree up into the car
All of those times wrapped up in one time
I can hear you calling me from afar
Iíll make you clean it all up, the pictures used to fit in the drawer
You aught to know when your phone keeps ringing, when you heart keeps screaming
Who loves you the most baby
The sunís coming up

My things broke, so burn all my things
Iím working up to be alone in the room
Thereís still so much fore to snuff
I yearn to be the only one with wings in the house Iím selling soon
Another time, another place, you wouldnít take them off this face
And glass hands would set the pace
Iíve got hard hands for your soft waist
Iíve got scarred plans for you in the hot waste
Fires burn and sing off of Saturnís rings
Iím so tall and handsome with a copper taste
Legs move stiff under my skin
Bonesí brittle and a little thin
Step one, step two with a purpose
Step on the flowers in the garden
Those are the flowers I cried on
Another time another place, I wouldnít take them off your face
And glass hands would set the pace
In the nightís warm embrace- tender kisses on your face
And glass hands would set the pace

I tried so hard to get your attention
And things unmentioned, I just showed
Like the two eyes and the two scrapes burning red on my face
I can see it in the way the missing link is gone from your face
And the bright stars in the black sky still cry for more
Could you guess why?
Not so many things do they regret like the one thing they made on a bet
Take it down the alley, take it out of the house
You dirty thing, you rough thing, whatí you gonna do now
I can see it in the day
And in the night-time too

Late last night I heard the news
Wait a minute before you choose
In the corner ceiling, now in plain sight, the cobwebs are screaming
Show me your face another time
Give your embrace another time
Alone in the chair -thereís nobody there- naked and spilling out on the floor alone
Didnít think Iíd do it?
Shame on you
Thereís more to it than you ever knew
I ainít to proud to roll around in it
I read my note again and it said
Just hold my hand another time
Squeeze me another time
I lean against the chair Ėthereís nobody there- At night, scared to death in the house alone
Weíll never break up, weíll never make up
Well never lay in the dark with a wet face on a wet arm
And youíll never know, and youíd never believe,
I donít know what time it is, and forgot the day
Do it

Before it gets too late
Would you honor me with your presence again?
And what will you bring? What hot thing?
What fast thing to keep me up tonight?
At 12:00Ö..
Step right back to the end of the line
Itís always been my pleasure, I donít mind
Iíll make a white fist around what you touched and kissed
On top of me, pissed, in the bed that night
At 8:00
Before it gets too late
Itís honor to me-- would you honor me with your presence again
I worked to make it right while I was sleeping lightly
With all of us in the bed that night
At 3:00 will you woo me?
Hold me close, my hearts beating
Please, please I need it

Make me show what I'm stealing in the night
Make me, without a reason to make it right
I was there, Ooh! What a handsome man
Hold and wait for you to run
You were there, clear in the morning light
Clean and warm as the sun
You are the one
Break me, tame and whole-hearted
And here to bite
Shake me, lathed and red-hot on fire for you
Would you swear never to turn your back on me till you're done?
Would you dare to light up the sky for me
And hold it still in your palm only because?
Another stab and it flows to you
It's all I have and yu know it's true
My heart belongs to you
What would you do with it?

The cold and long red ringers of the dawn reach across the sky to turn the world towards the day
How do I know this? I see it every damn day
Going to work for to buy my soul back
So write it on the sidewalk
'Heard what you said and you said it wasn't true, so I'm coming after you
There's a special place in my heart for liars like you
A special place for someone who can let my soul out
So spill it on the sidewalk
Trailing a fuse and walking 'round, I want to knock it all off the shelves and pull them down
Put the fire cracker right down next to where you've been
Stand there with a match till you come back
And burn it on the sidewalk
Burnt up and away it goes- now everybody's heart's froze
I'll throw it down the darkest hole for you
If the line hadn't broke I'd pull it back, pick it up and shine it till I see my face in it
Watch the drips keep falling from my eyes
Make the sidewalk into a river, let it out in to the gutter
Sail a stick down, there it goes- now the river's froze
Wear out your shoes- keep walking day after day
All of my sidewalks lead to moroccan anyways, so what can you do
Whether looking back over your shoulder or under your arm
I'm going to look the same to you- Same harm done
On hands and knees bruises heal

Don't stop running through the grass
Don't stop bleeding on the way
Don't stop rolling on your back, watch the hours melt away
Don't you know why I love you so?
Don't you know what I need you to do
You are the only one who can do it without feeling, without thinking
Tie your own hands, you animal I'll hold you
Don't stop holding to many hands
Don't stop squeezing for a pulse
Don't you waste your tongue on your own lips
Don't stop ripping another one down
You know I'm waiting for a wolf
Don't you know I'll gingerly kiss it on the nose
When the weekend comes around, feel it again as you get drunk
What was that sweet sound
What was that sweet luck
You walked in, eyes shining, hands moving
Lay what you slayed in down, still dripping
Hearts beating, 'beats to fast
Don't you stop

I'd like you to know, before it comes true
About how it goes, with a rough edge
A dream held up, at the sink bent over, wrapped around your finger,
And the window's open on the leaves and the sun shining through
When things turn around it's hard to see
But when I've cooled down it's come to me
Who would have known I'd do it all for you
You just looked so good when you asked me too
'Don't see it coming, it blacks out the sky
Look to the left and the right, and back in my eye
Held up to the light, it's all there
I'm so lucky, go on, touch me
And I've got a cramp, I'm going to hold on to everything


1997 19 State of Deseret Records
Mixed/Mastered by David Payneful with help from Josh Stippich
Produced by David Payneful
Guitar, Vocals: David Payneful, Bass: Paul Butterfield, Drums: Steve Gibb
Trivia: While living and putting on concerts in the ISP Warehouse, this album was recorded live on a camcorder, with most of the difference in songs tone resulting in the cameraman standing in different spots throught the show. Recorded by Jeff Fogt I believe.
Songs in alphabetical order:
Life as I Know It
Of His Friends
Provo Cries
Rocket to Moon
They Do What They Feel